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Description of the Courses

Computational methods in engineering

Errors in computations, Approximation of functions; Linear and nonlinear equations; Numerical integration of functions and ordinary differential equations; Direct measurement errors, Statistical theory with engineering applications; Statistical analysis of stochastic systems; Least square method, Regression analysis; Correlation analysis.

Economics of air transport

(not available for now)

Aircrafts automatic control systems

Dynamic, static and operation system properties are revealed. Special attention is paid to pilot automate control systems interaction. Processing principles of helicopter and plane automate control systems operation are regarded and their special features are introduced. In the course of laboratory practice the following items are shown: dynamic profiles of angular and flight-path movement control systems; main units features.

Computational aerodynamics

Introduction to computational fluid dynamics. Conversation laws of fluid motion and boundary condition. Finite volume method. Solution of discretised equations. Meshes.

Electrical systems of aircrafts

(not available for now)

Structural mechanics of aircraft structures

Thinwalled beams; Variational methods; Plates and shells; Displacements in aircraft structures; Plastic deformations; Composite materials

Theory of air traffic control

(not available for now)

Mechanical vibrations

(not available for now)

Satellite navigation systems

(not available for now)

Systems engineering

(not available for now)


Students are taught how to solve problems of ground flight supplying details. Airport machinery and equipment use are regarded . It is supposed knowledge and skills in operation prognosis, working efficiency of airport and its automated control systems to be gained

Reliability in Aviation

(not available for now)

Analysis of aircraft structures by finite element method

Modelling of structures by finite elements; Truss and beam structures; Plane, plate and shell elements; Dynamic problems; Nonlinear problems; Aeroelastic problems; Optimal design.

Communication and information systems in aviation

(not available for now)

Foundation of aeroelasticity

Influence of aeroelasticity phenomena over aircraft stability and controllability characteristics.

Fracture mechanics

(not available for now)

Accuracy and reliability in navigation

(not available for now)

Fundamentals of experimental aerodynamics

Wind tunnels. Principle of balance of wind tunnels.

Noise and vibration in aerospace engineering

(not available for now)

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